Dr. Hind Louali on Music and Stronger Family Bonds

According to Dr. Hind Louali, the music people were exposed to when they were younger has a huge impact on their development. Music is such a powerful tool, and there are just so many benefits of music appreciation in and out of the realm of academics.

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Music appreciation, as well as learning how to play musical instruments, helps with all areas of the development of children, such as fine and gross motor skills, literacy, language, social-emotional, and more.

The psychological benefits of letting children listen to classical music have been widely documented. Dr. Hind Louali explains that most of the time, the logical step is for parents to have their children learn how to play music.

Some experts agree that though some genres may not be appropriate just yet for children under seven, most types of music, when learned either on the piano, guitar, violin, or ukulele, or any other instrument for that matter, stimulates a child’s growth mentally, emotionally, and even cognitively.

That said, music can also contribute to making family bonds stronger as well.

When families find themselves on a long family road trip, one of the most fun and meaningful things to do to pass the time, especially for young kids, is to sing along with songs on the radio. Even if none of the family is singing in tune, the experience creates even funnier and happier memories.

Singing together to classic songs you like and contemporary music the children love is a memory that everyone will cherish. It also helps to bridge the gap with how music changes over the decades, says Dr. Hind Louali.

Nowadays, people have almost unlimited access to popular music. It is always a wise idea to expose the children to the right kind of music, as science has proven. Especially in the early years, music can be very beneficial to a child’s mental, social, and emotional development. Allowing them to experience the wonders of music is a parent’s job.

Studies show that music stimulates the brain and enhances intelligence. There have been several experiments that prove people who listen to music score higher in logic and spatial awareness. It goes double for kids who learn how to play a musical instrument and are encouraged by their parents to do so. For a child, music can help with the development of language and math skills, as well as motor skills.

Dr. Hind Louali says that while television, game consoles, and other electronics contribute to the shortening attention span of children today, music can do wonders for their focus and memory retention. Children who have a love for music have been found to be more in touch with their emotions. Because of this, they can more confidently express their thoughts and feelings.

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