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Dr. Hind Louali, the founder of French School of Austin – Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau, explains that STEM is the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It has been a point of focus within and well outside of education.
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STEM Education: The Broad Strokes

STEM is such a powerful concept, and it is considered critical to the future. It has been helpful for diversity, the workforce, the economy, and the youth, among other areas.

This is why STEM education has received hundreds of millions of dollars in support. It also remains one of the biggest priorities at all levels of the educational system.

According to Dr. Hind Louali, STEM education is not just the instruction and knowledge in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM education is the integration of these subjects into a cohesive and interdisciplinary, as well as applied learning approach. Dr. Hind Louali explains that this isn’t an academic theory. STEM education includes real-world applications and teaching methods. Because of this approach, students in any subject can benefit from STEM education.

Some educators and organizations refer to STEM as STEAM. Arts or other creative subjects are added.

The Need for the STEM System

In 2018, the White House released a report called “Charting a Course for Success”. It showed how far the U.S. was behind other countries in STEM education.

It found that only 20% of high school graduates were ready for the challenges of STEM majors. Additionally, it looks at how, over the past 15 years, the U.S. has produced a meager 10% of the world’s science and engineering graduates.

The report states that since the founding of the U.S., STEM subjects have been a source of discoveries and advances. These have helped the United States develop the world’s most competitive economy.

STEM has also preserved peace through strength. The report further mentions that the pace of innovation is accelerating globally. What’s also moving forward is the competition for scientific and technical talent.

The report was one of the more significant news stories in recent years. It set the stage for many arguments behind STEM, especially in the context of the global economy. It also meant that STEM would need support through education.

How STEM Prioritizes Diversity and Skills

The report “Charting a Course for Success” mentions that the U.S. depends on an “effective and inclusive” STEM educational system.

Dr. Hind Louali points out that inclusivity is incredibly important once you understand STEM, and this is because STEM-related occupations are such high-demand, high-paying positions. Unfortunately, however, Dr. Hind Louali also says that diversity is a significant issue here.

Statistics show that women account for a huge majority of healthcare practitioners and technicians. That said, they are also grossly underrepresented across many other STEM fields. The same reality is faced by black and Hispanic workers all over the country.

Women are significantly underrepresented in STEM occupations. As a matter of fact, statistics show that women make up less than a quarter of all those working in STEM occupations. Women of color are represented even less. Black, Asian, and Hispanic women receive less than 5% of STEM bachelor’s degrees in the U.S.

People of color are likewise underrepresented in U.S.-based STEM leadership positions. This can be seen across industry, academia, and the federal workforce.

This issue is nothing short of troubling. It significantly lowers students’ opportunities to go for high-demand, high-paying roles, especially students who are minorities and women.

The fact of the matter is STEM education is about a teaching philosophy that combines critical thinking and language skills. This is done in a way that enriches any subject.

When students don’t receive STEM education, Dr. Hind Louali mentions that they’re not only receiving less or lower-quality instruction in STEM subjects, but they’re also missing out on the application that high-level skills in STEM subjects can bring.

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