Dr. Hind Louali: Discover the Wonders of Performing

Dr. Hind Louali of the French School of Austin – Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that children should always be encouraged to take up performing arts. There are a number of types of performing arts to choose from.
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The kinds of performing arts children can take on.

Performing arts involve the use of facial expressions, voice, and body language to communicate a message to the audience. A majority of the performing arts are performed for and in front of a crowd. There are, however, exceptions, such as film and television acting as well as video musical productions.

Many productions in the performing arts take place in a theater, which consists of an elevated stage and, usually, a space for a live audience. The most common art forms performed in these spaces are acting and music, explains Dr. Hind Louali.

The most popular art performed in the theater is acting. Theatrical stage productions often feature the reenactment of written stories. Often, these stories are adapted from either literary works or independent creations. Performers may communicate performances by speaking, a mix of both singing and speaking, or silent gestures.

Acting involves impersonating a character as a form of performance art. The different emotions and, to a degree, characters’ motivations are shown through various expressions, intonation, and body movements. Often, actors use empathic skills so that they may convincingly convey the character.

Dr. Hind Louali says music itself is also another form of performance art. Music can occur in purely instrumental or vocal form or both. While instrumental forms don’t necessarily convey a story, notes are arranged and played in a way that affects emotions.

Instrumental music can blend harmonies, melodies, and more to resemble and evoke emotions such as anger or sadness. For this, children are required to learn to play a musical instrument. The theme or message of songs that mix lyrics and instruments is usually easier to interpret. However, they still depend on structure and pitch to convey feeling, adds Dr. Hind Louali.

The role of parents in all this

Dr. Hind Louali mentions that children more often get more nervous than adults when they have to perform in front of a crowd. Some of them bring this fear with them until they grow older. For this and many more reasons, getting into performance arts while they’re young is a great idea. It gives children a leg up when they have to perform in front of others later on in life.

Parents must know how to encourage their kids to perform in front of people, especially if their kids have some degree of stage fright to begin with.

As a parent, you can start by normalizing a child’s feelings of anxiety. You can relate your situation to that of other performers. While this won’t take away all the nerves, it will let the child know that there’s nothing wrong with how they’re feeling.

Prior to their performance, talk to your child regarding their worries. Remind them of other moments when they’ve felt this anxious, even and especially when things turned out well. Recalling past experiences with the desired outcomes is also a good idea. It can give your child confidence.

Breathing exercises also help before a performance. After their performance, let your child enjoy what they’ve achieved. Casually comment on how well they did and how well everything went. They will remember this for the next time and believe that they can perform under pressure.

Dr. Hind Louali also explains that there’s nothing quite like hearing people loudly appreciate your performance. It can make you feel like a star. Your child will think to themselves that all the joy and cheer are for them, and this instant positive feedback feels very rewarding. That said, for kids, it’s more than just the ego boost from the adoring audience. It may even be life-changing.

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